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March 6, 2016
by Anna
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Okay, so it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here. In my defense, I’ve been busy. But don’t worry, it wasn’t interesting, just busy. Let’s see, since last October, we’ve

  • came home from Culebra in time to spend Halloween with the boys. It was adorable.
  • Daniel and Ashley separated
  • Had Christmas.
    Daniel and Ashley got back together and moved to Norman, OK
  • Rented out our house in Russellville (which has turned out very well)
  • Moved in with Ortego’s parents in Tulsa while we house shopped in Northwest AR
  • Ashley got pregnant. I only mention this because she has been so vocally against having more kids.
  • Found and purchased a house in Springdale
  • Moved in.
  • Did various home improvements including
    • painted the entire interior
    • replaced the roof
    • had central heating and air installed
    • built a chicken coop
    • installed a bedroom door
    • repaired various dry wall where old window units and a furnace had been installed
    • replaced ceiling fans
    • removed a built-in bar in the kitchen, including putting down matching tile where it had been
    • When the rest of the kitchen tile started coming up, we ripped it all up (including the new stuff) and replaced it all again
    • purchased brand new, high end appliances including washer, dryer, and dishwasher.
    • Installed gutters in the front and a drainage pipe that was buried in the yard and drained into the ditch
    • cleaned up the yard, which had 16 overgrown flower beds and the bitchiest wild rose bush in the northern hemisphere
  • Went on two vacations during the summer
    • a road trip to California with Ortego, Mandi, Jessica, JD, Isaac, and Jess’s two kids. It was a lot of fun, but I was glad to get home
    • Came back to Puerto Rico with Ortego, Mandi, and Kyle. Also super fun. Explored the big island this time.
  • Got my Real Estate license
  • Isaac started kindergarten. He friggin loved it. Bear couldn’t go, though, because we made too much money for him to attend public preschool and private preschools, which were essentially day car centers, were $600 a month on the cheep side.
  • Kalvin and his new wife, Jessica (also, Kalvin got married), and her kid, Jordan, moved in with us so until they found a place of their own.
  • Decided I hated Real Estate. Seriously, it stressed me the fuck out. Couldn’t handle it.
  • It’s a girl! Astrid Evans was born at some point in October I think? Either way, new baby! She’s super cute and is apparently a much easier baby than Rosemary was, who had colic for three months.
  • Sold everything we owned, including the chicken coop
  • Kalvin and Jessica finally moved out and into a 1,000 square foot shed that they are still working on turning into a micro house, situated on 50 acres of hunting land out in the middle of bum fuck nowhere Arkansas.
  • Rented out our house
  • Moved to Aguadilla, Puerto Rico
  • Enrolled the boys in a private school, Borinquen Bilingual School, which cost less in tuition for two than it did for Bear to attend day care in Arkansas. And they’re both getting a really good education. Seriously, it’s a good school. Bear’s doing stuff in preschool that Isaac hadn’t gotten to in kindergarten in AR.
  • Took a Spanish class in Rincón. Actually learned quite a lot there, too. Will be taking the intermediate class next.
  • Nanny had to move into assisted living, for which Ortego had to go and spend three weeks in Oklahoma helping her sell everything and move.

And I think we’ve caught up to the present. See? We didn’t do anything at all interesting in the past year at all. Ortego is home now, and we’re gonna go chill in Aricebo to go swimming at this ridiculous swimming hole at the beach and have Denny’s. There’s no Denny’s in Aguadilla.

Not that we ever ate Denny’s before, but for some reason we just love it here. It think it’s because over the summer when we were vacationing here with Mandi and Kyle, we’d been eating food truck goodies and other local foods etc for a week solid. Then one night we were camping in the rain forest in Toro Negro, and we all got this huge craving for familiar food. So we drove an hour and half to Aricebo, the nearest town with a Denny’s, just to eat massive amounts of breakfast food with free refills and a view of the ocean. (They don’t do free refills here, like ever. Not even McDonalds.)

Anyway this somehow became one of our favorite stories and we just have a special place in our hearts for Denny’s now.

Let’s see, what else has gone on recently? We went to a horse class yesterday so the boys could ride horses. Bear was really excited about it, but I think it scared him because he didn’t want to try again. Isaac absolutely refused to even look at the horse until I mentioned how cool it would be to be able to ride a horse around like Link does in the Zelda games, and he was all in. He rode twice and didn’t want to get off either time. He’s very excited about going again.

Isaac riding

There he is! He was so excited.

And the only other thing going on right now is that Isaac’s class is having a talent show coming up, and we have to teach Isaac to do this dance so he can do with with the rest of his class for the show.

He refuses to try it. I did it twice and had to force Ortego to get up and do it with me the second time. Isaac though it was hilarious that we were dancing, but he just won’t get up and do it with us. I’ll just have to keep at it.

It’s really sad though because just doing this little dance twice, I was covered in sweat. I mean, that’s not hard to do here, what with the humidity being 90% and all, but still. It’s kind of pathetic. I really need to get in shape. Maybe we need to get this dancing game.

Okay, so this was the longest, most rambling post I’ve ever done. But I’m all caught up, now! Who wants to bet on how many days it’ll be before I post again?

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