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nothing good can come from this

March 29, 2013
by Anna
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Rage Rant Following

Okay, I am so friggin sick of this fucking picture right here!!! I mean SERIOUSLY!!! How can anyone think that this is a good idea? I mean GOD. (That’s a frustrated GOD. Read it as if I were saying it … Continue reading

September 10, 2012
by Anna
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5% shit factor

Okay, so you know how a thing can snowball without your realizing it? Well I’ve got a doozy  here. This weekend, I decided that my house was disgusting. I decided to clean it up.  I would do the dishes and … Continue reading

July 14, 2012
by Anna
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It’s a sad, sad day when you get all excited about a Friday night spent at home making snickerdoodles. Okay, don’t get all up on your soap box to say things like: “There’s nothing wrong with a Friday night in!” … Continue reading

July 10, 2012
by Christina
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Easy as 1..2..3..(Or so I thought)

I’m the second girl that makes up the dynamic duo girls unscripted. I say this because if you’ve been keeping count of posts so far Anna has written every post except for our first one and that was a collaboration … Continue reading