Girls Unscripted

nothing good can come from this

About Us

It all started a dark and stormy Tuesday… Okay so that’s a lie but it sounds good right. The truth is we’re two girls who’ve been friends since high school. We have a lot in common, like we both love to write, make deviled eggs and aggravate Ortego (Anna’s husband).

Anna is a writing major who is putting her degree to good use by being a stay at home mom and spending several hours a day playing sims medieval. She is a parent to two beautiful boys, Issac is two, bear is one, and both are a handful. She loves baking, romance, writing, and pretending she’s better than you at the piano. Her hope is to one day  get published. Ortega’s hope is that she one day can pay her share of the bills. He’s not holding his breath.

Christina is a writing/political science major who spends most of her days confused. She’s married to the man of her dreams who happens to currently look a lot like Jesus, there’s no correlation. She loves writing, crafting, going to fairs, and critiquing commercials. Her hope is to one day make a living at writing and own a three story house (she’s got a lot of crap).

Now get ready for the fun to start?