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Culebra – Day 9

So, it’s hot up in here.

We’ve discovered that, like most places, it’s best to get up with the sun to get work done before it gets too hot, especially when that work is done up on the roof where there is no such thing as shade. My mother would be horrified at my tan lines. I certainly look like a local these days.

Work moves SLOWLY here. We can’t use any of our larger power tools (the circular saw and chop saw specifically), but we can use the little ones (like the drill and this roto thingy that I’ve never seen before but by god it spins sandpaper like a champ). And those tools that don’t flip the breaker (an expression, since we don’t have any actual breakers to flip) we can only use when the sun is high (and hot) because that’s the only time we have enough power. Turns out our battery array is shit face ruined. Did you know batteries have to be kept full of distilled water? Because I sure didn’t. I don’t think the previous owners of the boat knew that either, because they let the batteries run dry, and now they’re shit face ruined. We get about half an hour of power after the sun goes down (which I use for a lamp so I can cross stitch), but that’s about it. Of course that means we have no power stored for when we get up at the crack of dawn, therefore our morning project is done by hand.

And by hand, I mean coaxing rusted screws out with a screwdriver or, when for some reasons someone decided to use a screw with a square bit head, a pair of channel locks.

I cannot stress enough the value of having the right tools. We don’t have the right tools.

But we do have some beautiful views, which is compensation enough, I suppose. The other day I went swimming with a sting ray (at a distance Mom!) and found a giant hermit crab processing sand for food. I took a video but haven’t gotten around to seeing if it came out or not. It doesn’t matter anyway, because Word Press won’t let me upload it. Ortego says he can fix that, but he hasn’t gotten to it yet.

Oh look! There goes the sting ray right now! Damn this water is clear.

Okay, so as far as progress goes, we’ve installed two new solar panels, moved the other four from the upper deck to the roof (which took all morning because of the rusted screws), and installed two windows. Those windows are a bitch. Again, always have the right tools on hand!

In the morning we’re going to go into town early to grab breakfast, walk down to the hardware store for supplies, then head to the grocery store for food stuffs. I swear I can’t get enough calories down here. I’m just hungry all the time. Yesterday I ate a can of raviolis cold because it was too hot to bother with heating it up. It was oddly refreshing, like jumping into lukewarm water on an extremely hot day, only in my mouth and tomato flavored.