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Culebra – Day 5

So today is day 5 of our 4.5 week trip to Culebra, Puerto Rico. How much work have we gotten done? Exactly none. Zero. El Zilcho. We did have some bead board and a few windows delivered, but no tools or hardware.


There’s the Pickle with our bead board and windows.

It’s been a few days, so I’ve got a lot to update on. first, we spent the last two days lashed up to the mangroves, which hasn’t been very pleasant. There wasn’t a lot of wind back there (which I suppose was the point, seeing as the reason it was there was because a hurricane was coming through), and the mosquitoes were overwhelming. We got a fan hooked up over the bed though, which solved both problems.

Unfortunately, hooking up the fan pissed of the inverter (which makes the solar power work for the fridge and lamps and stuff), and cut off the power to everything on the boat. Except the fan worked. We still don’t understand that one. The power situation on this boat is a fairly serious problem. The solar panels can barely keep up with the fridge (which is the size of an ice chest), so the batteries never actually get charged. As a result, when the sun goes down, our power goes with it. Then the fridge starts to slowly warm up. Then the next day, the solar panels have to work all day just to cool the fridge off again, preventing any battery storage. Then when the sun goes down… You get how the cycle goes? It’s a miracle our eggs and butter are still good. We put a teeny tiny may in there today. Hopefully it’s still good for lunch tomorrow.

We’ve got two more solar panels to install to help boost our power, and Robert says he’s working on getting us more batteries. But really more batteries won’t help at this point. The ones we have aren’t getting full anyway. Tomorrow morning we should have our tools, we’re going to stop by the hardware store (after getting breakfast at the panaderia), make a swing by the laundromat (because everything we own smells like sweat), then we’re coming straight back to the Purple House to install these two extra solar panels. I really hope it helps.

But we finally got moved back out to Dakity Reef, where wind blows and the mosquitoes are a distant memory.


That’s Carlos, who tugged the Purple House out to the reef for us this morning. This is actually a picture of him taking us into Fulladoza Bay (Mosquito Bay is more like it) a couple of days ago, but the view was about the same in both directions.


Which means we finally got to go swimming!!!

Which means we finally got to go swimming!!!

And I got to go snorkeling, which was awesome. I’ll get better pictures tomorrow maybe, but there’s a group of angel fish and some lobsters living on the underside of the boat. Also Ortego made friends with a crab named Joe, who tells the worst jokes apparently.


I’m running out of battery fast. I wanted to post some before shots of the boat tonight, but I won’t make it before I lose power on my laptop. I’ll be able to charge it a bit when the sun comes up. Until then, — I don’t know where that sentence was going. Never mind.

Oh oh oh! I took a video of a herd of starfish about 20 feet from the boat, but stupid Word Press says the video is too large to post. I’ll try to put it up on Facebook or upload it tomorrow if Ortego fulfills his promise to fix it.