Girls Unscripted

nothing good can come from this

Jesus, it’s been like 8 months since I’ve written on here. I be Ortego has stopped checking to see if I post anymore.

Man, why did I stop writing my blog? It was probably because of my epic failure to quit Coke cold turkey. I pit my pride against my sugar addiction, and my pride took a beating. I’m trying a new tack these days (on the Coke front). I’ve switched to caffeine free Coke, which is really working. Unfortunately I started this about a week before the Christmas holidays, so though I think I’d do okay with the less Coke thing, I did gain back all 5 pounds I’d lost by eating Christmas candy and enough turkey to stuff a horse – if horses were carnivorous. Okay, I just weirded myself out. Horses don’t eat meat, damn it.

So okay, highlights of the last 8 months. Bear is two years old, half potty trained, and very chatty. Isaac is the same size as his 6 1/2 year old cousin Rosemary, maybe bigger. He’s gonna be huge. He already is huge. Not fat, just really, really broad and tall. He’ll be 4 in a few weeks. That’s kind of weirding me out, too.

Uuuummmmmmm, so my dad is taking us (and my 5 other siblings and their families) to Cancun this spring. 22 people. He’s taking 22 people to Mexico for  a week. The package includes free alcohol. And by free, I mean the ticket costs enough to cover as much alcohol as Mexico thinks affluent, white Americans can drink while on vacation. Also food. Food is “free”.

I’m really excited about that. Ortego has always wanted to travel, and now he’s going to get to!

Um, I got a regular editing job! That’s exciting. It’s for an outdoorsy type site, which is a fairly popular outdoors blog. They have several writers, a few editors (I do the final edit for tipos), and quite the reader base. It’s really not so much about outdoors stuff as it is about gun and knife reviews. I swear to god I am getting really tired about hearing that every gun is “the best I’ve ever shot.” After a while, that just can’t be true anymore. Also, for some reason, none of the writers (or editors, for that matter) seem to be able to tell the difference between a dash, a comma, and a semicolon. They appear to be interchangeable to these gun freaks and knife knuts. (Yes, a knife knut is a thing.)

But the bottom line here is that I am finally able to put my skills to good, productive use, and I’m making about as much as I would (after childcare costs) if I were still working minimum wage.

Speaking of minimum wage, I’ve finally decided what I want to do for a career, and I’m super excited about this as well. Ready for it? REAL ESTATE. Super excited. I love houses, I like touring empty houses, showing them off, thinking about them, describing them, investigating them. I love the office environment, the forms and the desk and the hours and the atttire. I think it’s going to be really good.


I hate to cut this short, but Isaac’s just woken up pissed and caughing, so I’ve got to go.