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So today the family and I were driving back from Petite Jean mountain after a day up on the vistas. (By the way, Bear totally walked while we were up there. Just saying. Big news.) On the drive home, I was working on my crocheted doily – doilies being a new discovery of mine as being¬†ridiculously¬†fun to make. This is my first doily, and I’m still way too excited about it. I tend to talk about it a lot. Anyhow, so I was crocheting my doily and jabbering to Ortego about how much I was enjoying myself when this little gem cropped up.

WARNING: Mom, you may want to skip this one. It might lower your opinion of Ortego’s sense of humor a few dozen notches.

Me: This is so much better than knitting, too. It’s much less of a hassle. It’s difficult to hold on to those huge needles when you knit.

Ortego: Yeah, and plus there’s two needles in knitting instead of one hook.

Me: Exactly. Crochet is much better.

Ortego: I used to knit.

Me, disbelieving: Oh really?

Ortego: Yeah. Only I used to use four needles.

Me: You knitted with four needles at once?

Ortego: Yup. One for each hand and two for my cock.


I think I might be crazy a little bit, cause I thought this was hilarious. It’s a good thing Ortego and I found each other because I don’t think anyone else but him could make me laugh like that and I don’t think anyone else but me could appreciate his humor.

Also it cracks me the hell up when he gets road rage.