Girls Unscripted

nothing good can come from this

Obviously a rustic sort of abstract depiction of an iconic robot on cream cheese is not the usual path…

So yesterday I made a cupcake ice cream cone for my niece’s first birthday.

Came out pretty nice, didn’t it? Cupcakes are my thing. I can’t do those fancy dancy cupcakes that are damned beautiful (even if they don’t look edible any more) but I do pretty okay with the homemade kind of cute. That and I have one secret chocolate cake recipe that I use that absolutely cannot be beaten.

I know, I know. You’re sitting there thinking “Well my grandmother’s recipe is better.” or “Duncan Hines does it just fine by me.” (or something less formulaic, but still on point) but trust me. My chocolate cake is the sort of cake that makes every other chocolate cake taste like cardboard.

Not that I’m bragging. Honest. Actually I got the recipe out of a Hershey’s cookbook. The secret ingredient is hot water. Hand to god.

Anyhow, so I’m pretty pleased with the cupcake pull-apart cake, but my R2D2 experiment tonight wasn’t quite so successful.

It’s just cream cheese frosting with food coloring painted on. I’ve used this method for decorating cakes (which I’m not such a fan of decorating at all usually, especially sheet cakes) and it’s come out really well. It makes a rustic sort of abstract image.

Obviously a rustic sort of abstract depiction of an iconic robot on cream cheese is not the usual path. I’m pretty sure this is why.

Now, it doesn’t look terrible, but it definitely makes me wish I knew how to work with fondant better. There were some really beautiful R2D2 cakes out there on the web that I think I could pull off if only I could apply fondant without it looking lumpy and weird with nasty ragged seams and uneven coloring.

Oh well. Maybe I should just stick with cupcakes.


P.S. God damn it Christina! I’m about to change the name to Girl Unscripted!!!!! And I really don’t want to do that because for some reason it sounds way worse than Girls Unscripted, even though it’s only a difference of a plural!