Girls Unscripted

nothing good can come from this

Hello world!

So this is our first post and it’s supposed to wise and give you a sense of who we are. The only problem with that is neither one of us are wise and we have no fracking clue who we are. Well we for two are glad that’s over.



Anna and Christina

Fun Fact: When you put our ages together it adds up to 49. Not useful or relevant but fun none the less.


Anna’s Interjection:  What kind of a fun fact is that, Christina?

Christina’s Comment (to Anna’s Injerction): A true one.

Anna: You’re a retard.

Christina: You can’t say retard on the internet. It makes us look like bigots and will probably get us banned somewhere.


Christina: When the lynch mob comes I’m pointing them in your direction. Oh and making Mimosas.

Anna: Mimosas for who? The lynch mob?

Christina: Oh course the lynch mob and me… A good lynching needs refreshments.

Anna: You mean “Of course”? Retard.

Christina: How did we get here.  And don’t say that word.

Anna: That word.