Girls Unscripted

nothing good can come from this

Dear Ortego,

I haven’t left a post in a while because I haven’t felt that anything interesting has happened/occurred to me lately. Yes, yes, I know we’ve finally cleaned up the yard, and now we’ve almost finished the cabinet refinishing, and Bear had a birthday, and some dude thought it would be fun to jump out of a balloon in outer space and free fall back to earth today, but really is any of that worth blogging about? No one wants to hear about my ongoing struggle to successfully murder the yucca plants in the front yard (my current strategy is to put stepping stones on top of any shoots that I find), or how I somehow managed to go through the entire story line of Little Big Planet already (which is a really great game, by the way. If you haven’t tried it you should), or how… well look there. I can’t even think of a third example.

One thing I did accomplished was that I finished several snowflake doilies. I would leave a picture, but I don’t really feel like it right now. Also, Ortego, you’ve seen all of my doilies as I have flaunted every last one of them in your rather reluctant face.

So, in conclusion, my life is often boring. Happy and productive, but hopelessly mundane.

But don’t worry. It’s only four more days and we’re off on our vacation. I really should make a reservation… Also I still need to get together a list of geocaches to find on our way up there, and a list of things to do while in Eureka Springs and the surrounding area, and also I still need to call and change Bear’s PCP. (That’s right, I still haven’t forgotten about that.)