Girls Unscripted

nothing good can come from this

i’m never watching this show again!

Okay, so Ortego likes Weeds. You know, the TV show. It was kind of okay at first, but as the seasons progressed it just got too ridiculous for me. The point where I wrote the show off entirely was when the main character, who was lactating, had her brother-in-law nurse from her overly swollen breasts in a restaurant bathroom to relieve the pressure that resulted from not nursing her baby for so long.

Ortego still defended the show until just a minute ago when he said this:

Ortego: I’m about to friggin stop watching this show! She’s copying files on her computer –

Me: Wait wait wait. Please tell me you’re going to stop watching this retarded show because of a stupid computer issue.

Ortego: No! No just listen! So she’s using her computer and her start button on the start menu is Windows XP. Then, she opens up My Computer to view the files and the window is Windows 7. Then, when she started copying the files, the dialogue box was some stupid Hollywood bull shit style that has never belonged to any operating system.

Then, get this! She closes the laptop, and she’s using a FUCKING MACBOOK! So she’s using two different Windows styles and a Hollywood bullshit style on a fucking Mac! What the hell??