Girls Unscripted

nothing good can come from this

I’m funny, damn it!

So me and Ortego were making breakfast the other day. I got out the milk to make waffles, and left the jug sitting on the counter. Then Ortego comes up behind me and pours himself a bowl of cereal. (Don’t ask me why he won’t eat my homemade waffles. They’re damn delicious.)

Anyhow, so I decide that I would like a glass of milk to go with  my waffles, so I turn to Ortego, who is pouring milk over his cereal, and say:

Me: Leave that out. I want some with my waffles.

Ortego, with  mock annoyance: If you wanted a glass of milk then you should have gotten it out of the fridge yourself! God!!

Me, confused: But – I did get it out of the fridge myself.

Ortego, exasperated: Damn it, Anna! It was a joke! Why doesn’t anybody think I’m funny?!?

Me: Well maybe you’re not actually funny.

Ortego, laughing genially: Ha! Bull shit!! Ha ha ha!!!

And then he walks out, laughing around a bite of off-brand Apple Jacks.