Girls Unscripted

nothing good can come from this

You know what really sucks?

So, I wear contacts, right? The kind that I can leave in for days at a time. But, once or twice per week, they have to be taken out because I”m too cheap to waste money on the really nice kind that can stay in for a month at a time.

Also, I have really shitty eyesight.

So, tonight, after taking out my contacts, Ortego and I were laying in bed and I was playing spider solitaire on my phone with my really shitty eyesight. Here follows our conversation:

Me: You know what really sucks about my eyesight?

Ortego: What?

Me: I have to hold my phone close enough that I can see it, but I have to hold it so close that the screen hurts my eyes.

Ortego: Yeah, that does suck. You know what sucks about MY eyesight?

Me: What?

Ortego: Nothing.