Girls Unscripted

nothing good can come from this

This ALL ends with Ortego being a dream killer!!

Today was a big moment for Anna and me over here at Girls Unscripted! (OR SO I THOUGHT). My phone dinged telling me that I had a new email (YAY SPAM) but instead it was a message from girls unscripted telling us that we had a blog comment. Of course I did the first rational thing, call Anna. Well actually first  I finished folding the underwear that I was holding and then I called Anna.

She answered and I excitedly told her about my newest comment discovery. I was elated. From there the conversation and my mood quickly went down hill.

Anna: Well what does it say?

Me: I don’t know I haven’t checked it.

Anna: Why not?

Me: Because I’m folding laundry.

Anna: Fine I’ll use Ortego’s phone and check it.

Ortego  (yelling into Anna’s phone): Why are you checking it’s spam.

Me: Check it anyway.

Anna: I am.

Ortego (louder this time): Why the hell are you checking it’s spam. I do this for a living I know that it’s spam.

Anna (after reading the comment to both of us out loud): It’s spam.

Ortego: Told you.

If this was a courtroom this conversation would be exhibit A in the case LIFE V.S. ORTEGO. The charge; sarcastic dream killer. After this I’m sure I’d win the case.