Girls Unscripted

nothing good can come from this

once more with feeling!

Have you ever seen that episode of Buffy where they were all singing? Not one of those poor people could sing for crap, but that’s probably one of my favorite episodes just cause that’s when Buffy and Spike kiss for the first time. (Don’t you roll your eyes anybody! I am not ashamed to say that the main reason I liked that show was for the romances!)

Yeah, well, this post has nothing to do with British vampires and lesbian witches singing their hearts out (with feeling!). It’s just that Ortego and I have decided to move AGAIN. AGAIN!!! WITH FEELING!!!!!!

Sweet Jesus on a cracker. You guys want to know how I had to get that second “AGAIN” to be bigger? I couldn’t find a font size option on my post editor, so I asked Ortego, who’s a programmer/computer god. He said, “There’s probably an easier way, but let’s just edit the HTML.” So he had me open the god damn HTML and type this shit out:


<span style=”font-size:large;”>AGAIN!!!</span>



Anyway, back to the moving thing. I don’t think I’ve lived in a house for more than a year in seven years. (That’s not including the hellish month and a half we lived with Ortego’s sister in the littler bedroom of her teeny tiny two bedroom apartment. At least that was before we had kids.) Now, here we’ve lived in this house for four months and off we go again with plans to move again in about a year.

I tell you what, lesson learned. For god’s sake, don’t buy a house unless you’re freaking POSITIVE you’re not going anywhere any time soon, especially when you’ve got a First Time Home Buyers tax incentive hanging over your heads. Also, when you rent out a house, check every reference in person so they don’t trash your house.

So the point is: Damn it we’re moving again! Once more with feeling! Anybody want to help?

I didn’t think so.


(By the way, Christina, we’re moving back to Russellville. But don’t get upset because it’s only for about a year and Ortego is still going full steam with Tech Daddies. Feel free to call me with any complaints.)