Girls Unscripted

nothing good can come from this

Easy as 1..2..3..(Or so I thought)

I’m the second girl that makes up the dynamic duo girls unscripted. I say this because if you’ve been keeping count of posts so far Anna has written every post except for our first one and that was a collaboration effort. I would love to say that I haven’t posted because I’ve been busy or sick or lost an appendage or something but the truth is until today I didn’t know how to post. (I’m the smart one what can I say!!)

Now I’m going to warn you that this post may get a little ranty, kind of venty, and maybe even just a tad wonky. If you looking for a post that is well organized and makes even the littlest bit of sense, you might want to wait until Anna gets the fancy to post again. She’s much better at logic than me.

Today I’m writing about an issue that I’ve been struggling with since walking across the stage of my college graduation and entering what my mother likes to call the real word. And let me tell you, it’s nothing like what they show on MTV. Which now that I think about it is probably a good thing, at least I don’t have to live with the fear of catching a venereal disease at any moment. Plus if you put me in that house the show would quickly become survivor meets drunken douche bags. (Now that could be ratings gold)

(But I digress)

In just a few words I can some up what I have learned since my May 2012 graduation. THE REAL WORLD BLOWS. First off at twenty-four I am no were near where I thought I’d be by now. I haven’t met any of the members of N’SYNC and I haven’t married even one of the people that the paper fortune tellers of my childhood said I would. (Suddenly I feel very jipped and am wondering if there is a line I should be standing in demanding a refund of some sort.)

ANYHOW… what I do feel however is like a twenty four year old recent graduate with more student loans than I would like to admit and no real career path to speak of. Everyone it seems these last few months have been asking me what are you going to do now that you’ve graduated?

If I answered them honestly my reply would be how the hell do I know. I graduated with a degree in creative writing and political science. I’m practically begging to be broke and jobless for the rest of my life. At first I thought it was just me feeling this way but the more I talk to my other friends the more I see that this is a generational disease not a phenomenon only I’m inflicted with. (Hey it has happened before). And it’s not just us children of the arts that are testing positive for the disease even our friends of the practical majors are getting infected and I swear we are not co-mingling. I finally get what adults meant when they said the job market is saturated. (By the way that is just a nice way for them to say you’re all SCREWED!!)

Last Monday I  finally interviewed for a job. Granted it has nothing to do with my major but the job seems awesome, the people seem great, and the pay isn’t laughable. So, now I’ve been sitting here waiting to find out if I made it to the second round of interviews. I have no other job offers in sight and no clue when it’s appropriate to call and check on the job I interviewed for. I feel like I’m in job purgatory just waiting to see which direction my number gets pulled for and if I’m being honest it’s starting to feel a little hot. All last week, this weekend, and today my mother has been echoing in my head telling me that a watched pot never boils. I wonder if this metaphor holds true for an over checked cell phone.

But all this waiting and has given me time to wonder what the hell my generation of college graduates are going to do. I’m starting to think we are grossly over education and severely under taught. Did we get all the book learning and miss the class on practical uses for all the crap that college taught you. How do we find jobs in an economy where no one is hiring? I did what people told me my whole life was the key to success. I graduated high school, went to college, and now is supposed to be the part where I get a job. To bad no one told the job market that.  I have no answers, no solutions, and no final thought to leave you with. What I do have however is a piece of paper that cost me well over $40,000.00 and a husband who is wondering when I’m going to find a full time job and start bringing in the real money.

For now I’m off to search for the I feel jipped by life and those paper fortune tellers complaint line. The complaint line dealing with how you feel jipped by this post will begin forming in front of my house in ten. I expect you all to be there. (Anna will be passing out VIP glow in the dark bracelets and drinks)


UPDATE: I didn’t get the job. I’m now chanting there is something out there for you to myself over and over. I’m yet to crawl into the fetal position so all is still good :)!!!!